Press Releases

IDR retail pay survey: Strength of supermarket pay leads the way in the retail sector | IDR press release – retail research 1 April 2019

IDR survey of employers’ intentions for reward in 2019 | IDR press release – pay planning for 2019 26 September 2018

IDR survey of maternity and paternity pay: enhanced policies typically worth 16 weeks’ pay | IDR press release – maternity, paternity and parental pay 23 July 2018

IDR monitoring: Pay settlements show upward turn | IDR press release – pay settlements 19 March 2018

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IDR in the press

Supermarket workers earn most in retail sector | Personnel Today, April 2019

9% of employers provide more than the two-week statutory paternity leave entitlement | Employee Benefits, July 2018

Most UK employers improve on SMP | Royal College of Midwives, July 2018

Paternity Leave: only 9% of employers offer more than two weeks | NatWest Mentor, July 2018

Firefighters pour cold water on medical plans | Morning Star, May 2017

How to future-proof a reward strategy in light of changing pay regulations | Employee Benefits, February 2017