Pay Benchmarker

Pay Benchmarker gives you direct access to all of the pay data collected by IDR. This online benchmarking tool provides you with up-to-date and accurate reward information. It’s available here.

It combines a user-friendly format with advanced functionality to allow you to search and interrogate data on pay levels, pay settlements and executive remuneration. You can also export charts, graphs and tables containing key information, allowing users to compile reports and benchmark pay outcomes against comparators.

Pay Benchmarker enables you to benchmark your pay levels, pay increases and executive remuneration, here we provide more about the three modules.

Pay Benchmarker will help you:

  • ensure you are paying the level of salary necessary to recruit, retain and motivate staff
  • make pay increases that are appropriate, fair and competitive
  • keep abreast of pay levels, settlements and executive reward in your sector/region
  • analyse and visualise complex information on pay using our export functionality.

For more information about how Pay Benchmarker can benefit you,  email or call +44(0)1702 669549. Alernatively, request a demonstration of IDR’s Pay Benchmarker