Bespoke research

IDR can provide you with bespoke, totally flexible and strictly confidential solutions to pay, reward and employment issues. Our consultants are highly experienced at undertaking and delivering bespoke research covering a wide range of reward areas including:

  • Pay and benefits benchmarking
  • Total Reward benchmarking
  • Job evaluation
  • Employment cost assessments
  • Reward policy and practice
  • Labour market trends

Pay benchmarking – the IDR team is experienced in benchmarking pay for a wide range of roles, both generic and specialised, across the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. We utilise data from a range of sources, including bespoke surveys where necessary, to illustrate your position against the market and ensure you are paying the amount necessary to recruit, retain and motivate employees.

Job evaluation – the IDR job evaluation scheme is an invaluable tool underpinning our bespoke pay benchmarking, providing a framework for determining the comparative size of posts within organisations and making robust comparisons between jobs. The IDR team can provide specialist guidance and training using this framework to help you benchmark pay and deal with related issues.

Research on pay policy – we have provided research reports on a variety of aspects of reward to a range of clients, including the Pay Review Bodies. Topics covered include progression pay, unsocial hours premiums, geographical/regional pay differentiation, pay differentials and standby and call-out pay.

Labour cost assessments – we have provided research reports for a number of regulatory bodies and companies on labour costs, examining the respective contributions of basic salary, bonuses, allowances, premium payments and pensions to overall employment spending. The IDR team is experienced in applying a total reward methodology to come up with an accurate assessment of labour costs for employers.

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