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Graduate labour market recovers

The market for graduate jobs has become more buoyant over the last two years, driven by a recovery in private sector recruitment. This is one of the key findings of our survey of graduate salaries. The survey found that the number of graduate recruits rose by 11% in 2015 and is projected to rise by a further 17% in 2016. Meanwhile applications for graduate vacancies have risen at a faster rate, ensuring that competition for each placement remains stiff. Continue reading Graduate labour market recovers

Pace of change set to pick up in local government

There are significant differences between local authorities that have opted out of national local bargaining and those that follow the national agreement in terms of basic pay increases, pay progression and other terms and conditions. This is the overall finding from the Survey of Pay and Conditions in Local Government 2015/16 conducted by Incomes Data Research.

Basic pay increases ranged from zero to over 5% at opted-out councils, this compares with the 1% nationally-negotiated increase in 2015. Continue reading Pace of change set to pick up in local government